Test post to be ignored

this post is a mere test and is to not be accounted for at all costs because ALL MY GOSH IT’S A ROBOTIC VACUAM CLEANER THAT IS ALSO A KUNG FU MASTER FROM AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!!

Alright, now that I have your attention I will now tell you about the Botswana Swiss cheese made out of Russian Lama milk. It is very important that you don’t let any holes to appear naturally when you make the cheese so squash any air holes that may appear as soon as they arrive. After you have made this solid, hole-free cube of Botswana Swiss cheese you must drill holes in it and fill them with chocolate fondue. The chocolate fondue MUST be made out of 30 different chocolate bars, each from a different country for extra diversity (however, half of them must be from Switzerland because they make the best chocolate. The easiest way to fill both of these requirements is to play the politics game a little and split Switzerland into 15 different countries. In this way you can make the chocolate fondue is both diverse and delicious.) Naturally, 14.6 of the chocolate bars should be hazelnut. Of course, you can’t haveĀ hazelnutsĀ in a chocolate fondue, that would be nuts, so you must remove all hazelnuts from the chocolate bars before melting them.

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