Asiatic Superhero Roleplaying Art

Hi guys. These are some pictures I made inspired by a roleplaying session I did here. It’s set in a weird asiatic fantasy world with city states, merchant houses who rule the world and superheroes, some with psychic powers and others with mutationsTraveller

There’s Traveller, who can walk through walls,King Crab

King Crab, who has crab legs and pinchers,

Glamour Hammer


Glamour Hammer, who can change what her face looks like,

Young Master

Young Master, who can command sea life and is also the leader of the team,


The Switch, who can change his personal gravity,


Double Trouble, who can make clones of himself,

BIGBig, who can increase his size fourfold

Myazmiacand Myazmiac, who is my character and can see through the Miasma, which is a weird psionic mist that permeates all of Denium, where the story is set.



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