Retro Future 2000 Parody of in the year 2525

In the year 1950
Mankind stopped being thirsty
Moderation seemed like bad advice
So instead they tried avarice

In the year 1964
Half the world was dirt poor
The other half was dirt rich
Rich or poor, you were dirt every inch

In the year 1970
Things went a little science-fiction-y
There was lots of new technology
No one cared it came to early

In the year 1983
Humanity lost their privacy
When you used the World Wide Web
The mega-corps probed your head

In the year 1995
The human race was barely alive
They wasted their only chance
For now cyborgs were leading the advance

In the year 2000 exact
An urban legend turned into fact
When the millennia bug came true
If you were a cyborg than down went you

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